I listened to Enid in the mid 70's, the album was `Aerie Fairy Nonsense.'  No doubt that was  for what I-  as a young musician was waiting for my whole life. The mystics, the bombastic  orchestration, and the sharp guitar opened a new door for my life. `In the Region of the Summer Stars and  `The Lovers, ' I like very much. But there is no  song I don't like.
I have bought the first Enid, which also was very interesting because of its chaotic flair. I like the eccentric nature of  Robert John  Godfrey's songs.  The albums: `Touch me,'  `Sundialer,'  ` Goddess'  and others I got later. The Enid and its musical philosophy  became a milestone in my life. It's for me,  something like the "musical landscape" where I live. The live records which are published recently on Enid's   home page are even more dynamic. Its unbelievable how Godfrey gets these sounds, specially in the past. I have never seen them on stage because they don t play in Germany. I hope that the new DVD will be published sometimes.

Hans-Günter Boddin   GERMANY
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       As a young Prog addict, I find myself gravitated towards a dirtier, chaotic tone within music, because of the new "Metal" bands that I am surrounded by. Do not get me wrong, I truly do enjoy peaceful music. But, the ability to mix both chaos and peace, makes King Crimson my favourite band to date.   Since their beginning in the late sixeties, with their epic "Court of the Crimson King," to their latest, pure chaos drumn'-bass, ventures into the ProjeCKts, their experimentalism, along with great precision and musicianship (Lets not forget Fripp's angst towards photographers and bootleggers) make them quite an outstanding band and a wonderful companion through these days in which confusion is written on so many epitaphs. I hope you enjoy them too.

J. Riordan,  N.J. USA

Being 17 years old, finding quality music is hard. I always found older bands better and more to offer. And Renaissance is no different. Although much different than other stuff I listen to, it has quickly made it's mark in my CD collection. The sound to Renaissance is very unique, quite refreshing actually. Annie Haslam, in my opinion, is one of the best singers ever. But hey, that's just me... Renaissance has inspired me to make a career in music for myself, which I hope will go somewhere someday.

Peter  White  OTTAWA  CANADA