Roye  Albrighton-  Nektar's  leader messaged  me via MySpace and asked me-   what  happened to  the interview? I forgot  to  send it.  Ahhh!  After some
                             apologies, I  sent him  the interview and he  answered the next  day.  Very  nice person.  Thanks Roye, excellent  answers!

Daevid Allen-  The frontman for Gong was prompt with a reply and sent back the interview in 2 days!   Very nice  person with plenty of wit.

Bill Bruford-    Was  the first  musician  to  refuse  an  interview (1/07),   stating he is  too  busy.  At least  he is  honest.   Another ex-Genesis  related musician      that's unapproachable?   Better believe it.    

Camel-  After being ignored twice, the third try was  almost the  so-called charm, Camel Production accepted 10 questions to send to  Andy Latimer.   This was      over 2  1/2  years ago ...  They lost it. I sent it again, and never have received any reply.   Slighted again, but I kinda thought this would happen, silly me.  Regardless, I  am VERY  happy  that  Andy  has  recovered  from  his  horrenedous  ailment..  

Caravan-   Band's manager contacted me about mistake on my site. I asked about an interview and he said  to send it to him  and he'll send it to Pye.  It's been       SEVERAL  years.  Given  up.

Christina-   Lead singer from Magenta, returned an excellent interview after e-mailing to say it will take a bit longer due  being  busy.  Very nice person,  an
                  brilliant  prog singer without   prog roots!

Citizen Cain- Stewart Bell was very nice, interviews  sent out,  never  returned.  It's  over 6  years... It's nice to forget your fans, oops I mean ex-fans
  ...  I've given up.

Matthew Cohen-   Within  a few weeks, Matthew  (now  ex-Magenta),  returned an excellent interview. He is a very nice person, who is passionate about his music     Thanks Matt!

Tony Drake-  Guitarist for Pilgrym. I sent out an interview and within a couple of weeks he returned it answered.  Although he wasted over a hundred hours of my time, ordering album cover art, then  cancelling his album (even though he liked the artwork).

EDO-  Opened a dialogue, they  offered to  send   some Cds   and never did. I  queried about  sending  an interview and they  never replied. Given up.

Larry Fast-   Sent back  very nice interview. Very smart man.

Fish-  I  sent  three  messages directly to  Mr. Dick... no  reply whatsoever.  My friend even drove him to his Nearfest  gig.    I've given up on him.

Nils Frykdahl - from SleepyTime Gorilla Museum  returned the interview in a month.   Very open,  person  and extremely  intelligent.  A class act!

Barbara Gaskin/Dave Stewart-  I sent two emails and signed their webpage.   No reply.  They recently sent  some  info. and  apologized.

Genesis- Webmaster never replied. Members seem unreachable (past and present).  Even a negative reply would have been something!

Robert John Godfrey-  Replied and answered the interview in a short time.  An amazing man, his  views and thoughts are only surpassed by his music.  He signed       my guestbook with out   adding a single word in.  LOL  Guess he was busy... still a cool guy.

Brian Gulland- I sent him an e-mail asking for an interview. His reply-  "Are you  Dutch?"  Then 2 weeks later agreed.  I have been waiting for  a year.
  His wife replied apologizing for his tardiness to the   interview,  but  Brian never  sent it  and upon querying again  he  never replied.  Mr. Gulland  has  been  added  to  the given  up  list.   

Steve Hackett-  Sent two queries  to his manager at Camino. No reply .  Sent one query to his new site and received a reply. Not only  did Steve answer a 20
  question interview  but he posted my illustration  of him playing in a  surreal world on his website  (LINK).  Very  nice  chap  and  he  loves
                        cats!     Thanks  Steve!

Annie Haslam- Sent  several messages to Annie Haslam- none of them were replied to. Finally spoke to her in person after Nearfest while buying a framed print.          She then  e-mailed back and  asked that   I send her more questions based on her art than music- which I had  to agreed on .  After   8 months,
  her staff   asked me to resend  it and she answered and sent it back within hours with very  short, let's get in done/to the point answers.

Peter Hammill -  Sent a query to Peter Hammill- twice. No reply.

High Wheel- Sent interviews out to Wolfgang  and Erich   almost 3 years ago.... have given up...  Didn't bother talking to them at Nearfest as they were selling      their CD on a cart.

Allan Holdsworth-  Never got through to Allan.  His company  brushed me off. Were not very polite.  Allan  was an amazingly  humble  man. R.I.P.

Mike Keneally -  Mike  is a class act. He is very  open  to  talk  beforre and after sets  and he is simply a brilliant man in and out of  music. One of the nicest
                          people you'll ever meet. Thanks  Mike  for  doing the interview! 

Martin Orford-   Replied  and  sent to an extensive interview  back, very intelligent and good sense of humor. Thanks Martin!

Mats Johansson -  Sent the interview,  answered within  a week. What a very  nice  guy via e-mail as well as in person. Thanks Mats!

Landmarq-   Steve Gee and Steve Leigh  have  to be some  of the nicest (and   talented),  people in rock music.  Thanks!

Tony Levin-  Responded in 1 day. Apologized for being busy with album/tour. Doesn't mind  doing  the interview   Very polite. 

Neal Morse- Asked twice. Never received a reply of any kind.  A friend of his suggested I  give him one last chance. I did. No reply whatsoever. Promoter wanted    me to plug Neal's California gig.  I politely refused.

Ryo Okumoto -  Replied within  an hour of sending. Prefers phone interviews than via e-mail...  he  said it will take time to answer.  Almost 2 years
    has passed by  and  and I have given up.   He totally ignored me at an acoustic  pre-show at Vintage Vinyl in NJ,  but I'm not the type of
                            person  to  harass  others.    Is  Spock's beard as unapproachable as Genesis or Neal  Morse?   Sure looks like it !     But I could be wrong!
                            Nope!  LOL

Anthony Phillips-  Webmaster replied but told me Anthony  has no internet access and was  busy- send interview next year.  Though I heard Ant is a very nice  person, the webmaster/situation reeked of unapproachable Genesis, and no one  should  bother  him.

Jean-Luc Ponty-   Sent out  an e-mail. No reply.

Quidam- The band was very kind and polite. Zbyszek & Maciek were most helpful.  Thanks guys for a great interview.

Alan  Reed-  After  not receiving the interview, I  resent  an updated one.  Alan replied and returned it in two days.  Thanks Alan!!!!  A very nice  humble  as well       as talented man.

Jarno Sarkula-  the saxaphone wizard of-  Alamaailman Vasarat.   Sent interview out  and it was  replied. Seems like a nice person. Good sense of humor. 

Mickey Simmonds:  Very polite yet busy gent.  Though he did reply, I sent out interview.  I've been waiting for  almost the age of this site and have given up as well.

Richard Sinclair- Interview  must have gotten lost,  but after resending, Richard who one of the nicest persons in the Prog/Canterbury music scene He sent back       a great interview and followups.  His music is amazing live....  Thanks Richard (& Heather),  you are the best!!!!

Spaced Out-  Antoine Fafard  sent  the interview back  with great answers.  His immense talent  is proportional to his  politeness. Signed the guestbook.

Sphere3-  Band contacted me.  Sent me a EP of their amazing music! These guys need to be heard.

Graeme Taylor-  Has agreed to answer an e-mail interview.  I sent it out  and have been waiting  over 6 months. Followed up, a month later, he returned it.
                           Very busy gent, seems nice...  signed the  guestbook.   Thanks Graeme!

Rick Wakeman-  Webmaster forwarded  interview to Rick.  Mr. Wakeman was very nice (great sense of humor) and  sent me his answers. Thanks!  Said he'd
                           sign the guestbook- never did.

Andy Wells- was nice enough to contact me. He's a multi-talented musician/producer, etc.    Sent interview back.    He signed the guestbook.

Whimwise/Nick May-  He  (supposedly), really   wanted   to  do  the interview, I sent out  the questions  to  Nick May,  and queries, which began  as excuses, then he never  replied.    Very  disappointed.  I have  given  up.
This page will be an honest  documentary on what  performers are accessible to regular fans (such as I); in others words  who are helpful, willing to give an interview, friendly, etc. I will provide the information through  my lone experiences working on this web page and will  keep my opinions  as unbiased as possible (or not at all).  None of this is intented to reflect  the personna of the  perfomer.
I also want to point out that I understand that musicians are busy, touring,  recording, having lives/privacy-   as well as having egos... I do not send out pleas for any perks or favors, as well as pester the people who have the kindness to help me help them.   I also do not hound or pester  any of these artists in any way.  I may repeat a message asking for an interview, but that  is as far as I will take it. I usually wait between 2-3 weeks after sending to post up here. Though it's kinda easy to be bitter about the  some of the musicians' `no replies,' I would rather have them tell me a simple  `No,'  instead of   ignoring  me as this can  be considered  hurtful.  Also a lot of people lose the questions, emails, or simply   change their mind and do not send them back- hey it's their choice to be inconsiderate and of course this could be the help, staff, friends of the artist and not the musician per se.   Still, I have curtailed by comments to a sarcastic quip or ten....  LOL  and of course praise  when it deems such to give out.  Thank you to  the musicians that took the time and energy to reply.