StereoKimono  are an Italian  instrumental trio  which calls their music:  'psycophonic oblique rock'.  They create  sound atmospheres with an extraordinary expressive freedom not submitted to any rule.
           Started in Bologna (Italy) in 1989 with the intention of making "research music," they began from a "rock" sound, opening to different contaminations: the musical production of the group consists in fact of instrumental tracks with a rock matrix and "progressive", psychedelic and experimental influences, using atypical but catchy melodies, tight rhythms, dreamy atmospheres and improvisation, without any limit or boundary in genres. After some changes in the line-up, in 1995 the group became a trio of : Alex Vittorio: bass, keyboards, Cristina Atzori: drums, percussions and Antonio Severi: guitar, midi guitar,
The band has had a stable lineup since 1995.
     After some demo-tapes realized during the early years and some "promo" CD-Rs between '99 and 2000; StereoKimono released their debut album  in November,  2000 which was entitled-  `Ki,’ and was  produced by Iridea Records and distributed by Audioglobe. The album received a nomination among the best Italian debut albums for the "Fuori dal Mucchio" prize and also has been chosen by "Laboratorio di Babele" among the 20 more interesting Italian underground albums for the year 2000. `Ki,’ also  remained more then 14 weeks in the first 10 positions of the Top 20 of the American WBZC 88.9 "Gagliarchives" radio station in  Philadelphia.
`Prismosfera,’  the second album was released in 2003 and  showed a maturity in the group without compromising their `freedom to research style’ It was released on the Immaginifica label (owned by Franz Di Cioccio, the acclaimed drummer/singer of PFM). The album (in its demo version)- won  the Toast/MEI prize as best Italian instrumental music work. The band supported the album with a mini-tour of Italy.
On September 21, 2003,  StereoKimono played live with Finisterre and Distillerie Di Malto at the BIG WAVE FEST in Vercelli and "Musica sull'onda dell'immaginazione"
with PFM !!!
In 2004, `Prismosfera,’   is being distributed worldwide with the help of label- BTF (part of the  Venus group). 

The bands  music has been explained by PFM legend: Franz di Cioccio:

"When music becomes the best carrier to explore sensorial suggestions, it means that reality is slowly releasing its hold on us.
When we succeed in dodging it, imagination turns into an idea, a throb, a bird's flight.
Prismosfera is like dipping into a sideworld made of liquid music, deep, multi-shaped music looking for a space to wrap you up.
Let your imagination be the vehicle between dreams.
One substance, five senses, endless imagination"

Franz di Cioccio

Information and Franz di Cioccio quote courtesy of  StereoKimono


Ki                     2000
Prismosfera       2003
Intergalactic Art Cafe   2012