Jane Anfinson-  Precious  Details
Jane Anfinson  is a  composer, singer and violinist who has been very busy in the music scene- especially in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.   She headed the bands `Exploding Head Trick' and `Own.'   Reportedly, she has performed in every venue in the Twin Cities,  as well as in  Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Anchorage, New York and Boston. She also is half of  the duo- `Irruption'  with dancer- Davis Wick.
Though this is  not progressive music in the classical or even contemporary sense, I still feel  that it can belong in the prog genre- nevertheless this recording is  an excellent listen.  Her voice, which can be  quite varied from passionate to  precise  reminds me a bit of  Jane Silberry, but that is simply a  reference point. 
Jane's  compositions are varied in style and  content (perhaps  because the album was   recorded over a number of years),    to me- this   enhances the eclectic feel of the album. I even can hear traces of Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill (especially the first track on the cd- Vital Statistics)  and David Bowie influences- not in whole songs but snippets here and there in her work.   Jane  would  work well in the  melodic prog/post new wave  world and hopefully with more exposure, she  should receive  a larger fan base.  Her songs can rock, like `Patience'   then be enigmatically beautiful with tracks such as `Muses.'  Jane's  qwerkiness in terms of songwriting  can be the reason that she  can be accessible to the prog community.  Compositions  are fresh-  with little repetition (except  intentional),  with the eclectic rhythm sections  of Eddie Estrin and David Lewis on drums and percussion, create a great texture  that  Jane uses her violin to counterpoint as well as create some very melodic moods.  On the track `Night Flight,'  Jane rips a nice and  oh so short solo on  electric violin  and shows that she has no problem creating many tones and flavors on her preferred instrument.  Still,  `Precious Details'  is  about the details in the songs and not showing off technical prowess.  `Violet,'  shows off how the simple  mood and rhythm with  John Wright creating some neat  bass-work  on a number of tracks), but on this particular one- it  reminded me of a  mellower Alamaailman Vasarat  double cello.
Another  highlight is the   instrumental `Nothing Chance,'   which breathes  many textures and visions  with some  gorgeous violin sounds. In  `Bored'-  a solid song that shows the many ranges of Jane's voice; her ripping  violin suggested a Fripp distorted guitar.  Very cool stuff but I wanted more!  Still I would have loved to  hear more violin soloing, but again, everything works for  the composition, not to show off technique.  Also  Jane might want to explore  a longer song format  to weave different textures within the same  composition- perhaps for a  future recording?  
Graphic-wise, the album cover  (to me),  could have been  more interesting to reflect the wonderful music on the album, but again, it's  definitely not an  eye-soar. It's  just there...  yet  quite organic.
       It is  refreshing to hear an album that  isn't dominated with keyboards. In fact `Precious Details,' has no keyboards on it at all.  But keyboards do not make a prog album, and with the  the range of  moods, textures and eclectic turns and twists in tempo and rhythm (and backed by a solid group  of musicians), I feel that many prog fans might  embrace this album (with a little open-mindedness), but  the long-song format  and keyboard lovers might be disappointed.

        Jane  explains her style as melodic rock,  eclectic and accessible-   but to me  I sense an amazing collection of  post-new wave/ prog influences, classic tonations as well as this  very cool `out of the box'  sounds  that make this  a curious  and  enjoyable  listen.  Definitely check her out.

You can purchase the album at: (http://cdbaby.com.cd/janeanfinson) or through Amazon.com.