Steve Hackett was born on  February 12, 1950, in  London, England. Though best know for his ghostly guitar sounds in Genesis' `golden age' period (1972-1977, he has carved out an admirable solo career.

Hackett's entrance into success began  after short stays with small bands such as: Canterbury Glass, Sarabande and Quiet World, he placed an advertisement in Melody Maker,- "Guitarist/Writer seeks receptive musicians determined to strive beyond existing stagnant music forms." Peter Gabriel responded after  Anthony Phillips departed Genesis( mainly due to stage fright)

After watching Genesis in concert (with a `substitute guitarist), Hackett saw promise in  what he experienced and  joined the group.

Though Hackett had little experience playing live on stage, he began to showcase his haunting and even `unguitar-like' sounds that fused  with Tony Banks keyboards, became Genesis' trademark. He also invented the famous `tapping on the fretboard' technique that many guitarist use.
Unlike most guitarists (with the exception of Robert Fripp), Steve armed with thick glasses and heavy facial hair, sat in a chair,  in studied concentration as Gabriel became the centerpiece of the band with his costumes and theatrics.
`Selling England By the Pound,' was the first Genesis album that really began spotlighting his guitar-work and even his writing skills (`I know what I like'). But the double concept album `The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,' was mostly an exclusively  Gabriel effort. He had thoughts of leaving the band.

As Genesis was looking for a new  lead singer, Hackett with ample material, utilized  Rutherford and Collins to help him on his first solo album- `Voyage of the Acolyte,'  was released and  went silver and the cover art, by his future wife-Kim Poor garnished album cover of the year.
When Phil Collins took over the singing for Genesis, Hackett stayed for two more albums and an EP. `Trick of the Tail,' and `Wind and Wuthering,' were hugely successful and during the latter tour, Steve, ("the Vincent Price of the group" to quote Phil Collins), even got to introduce a song (`Firth of Fifth').
But Steve wasn't happy- "...I was getting tired of bringing ideas into the group which I felt they weren't going to do. If the ideas were more radical, they weren't necessarily going to do them. I felt that the band was heading towards an area that was becoming very safe."  Hackett knew `his instrumental-  `Please Don't Touch' was stronger than Collins'- `Wot Gorilla?' Bordering on superstardom, Steve walked away from the band, the breakup was rather bizarre, very little communication. Hackett was gone and along with Gabriel, so was Genesis' creativity. Genesis' `Seconds Out' live double  album  was Steve's goodbye to Genesis fans, recorded between 1976-77.

In contrast to `Voyage of the Acolyte,' Steve assembled talented session musicians and employed members from Kansas and  several African-American performers (including the legendary Richie Havens), and produced a very tight soulful album. Desiring to tour, he hired Pete Hicks (vocals), John Shearer (drums), as well as brother John Hackett on (flute and keyboards) and performed.  Other talented musicians such as John Acock, Dik Cadbury, Ian Mosley, and  keyboard wizard Nick Magnus , etc, joined Hackett's band creating IMHO his two finest albums- `Spectral Mornings' and `Defector,' both had Kim Poor's beautiful artwork and Hackett's powerful guitar instrumental dominated tracks. Defector climbed to the top ten on the British charts. During the recording of the albun,- the songs: 'The Steppes' 'Sentimental Institution' (and B-side)- 'Hercules Unchained' were recorded all in one day!

Tired, Hackett regrouped; and started working  on his singing and became guitar/vocalist for a more  pop-oriented album `Cured,' complete with electronic drums and less sentimental material; he then toured Europe and America, garnishing  rave reviews and solid attendance from Hackett/Genesis fans alike.

In 1982, at the Womad festival that united the `classic Genesis line-up (with Chester Thompson (drms) & Darryl Stuermer on guitar), Steve came back to perform the last two songs,' their masterpiece- `Supper's Ready' and `I Know what You Like,' in Milton Keynes. The show, boggled by bad weather and sound still delighted diehard Genesis fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the old magic.
1983 gave Hackett a successful European single in song  "Cell 151" (#66 in the charts),  off  of the Highly Strung LP (which was a vast improvement from `Cured' album). The album was a hit.

After  many years of electronic music, Steve dropped the technology to concentrate  on acoustic guitar solo  work. `Bay of Kings' and the marvelous `Momentum' were recorded to critical acclaim.

In 1986, Hackett hooked up with Yes guitarist Steve Howe to form GTR, a quasi-supergroup band (ala Asia)  that thrived with the  MTV and the rock press. The Arista labeled album went platinum and  and generated a hit single- `When the Heart Rules the Mind.' As GTR  was breaking up, Steve met and worked with Brian May (`Feedback `86' was recorded but not release until over a decade later).
After GTR, Hackett went back to work and released a live retrospective live album that spanned many years of music. With the harmonica sneaking into his stage performances, Hackett produced a pure blues album- `Blues With a Feeling,' in 1994. This album reflected some of Steve's boyhood days of playing blues.
1997 gave us-`A Midsummer Night's Dream,' based on Shakespeare's literature was another first for Hackett, working with a full Symphony Orchestra. The album was  assembled over a seven-year period and  spent several weeks on the UK classical charts and became one of the biggest hits of 1997 for EMI Classics.

1999's Darktown showcased a darker moodier Hackett feel, with solid foreboding instrumentals married with some very  romanticallty historic pieces and though not a concept album in the classic sense, it  seems Steve's most autobiographical. 

  Turning  back to his progressive rock roots, Steve  enlisted ex-King Crimson alumni Ian McDonald and John Wetton, Genesis' tour-drummer Chester Thompson and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra by performing Genesis' pieces, `Hackettized' of course. The band did a few quick gigs in Japan and a live album entitled `Genesis Revisited' that included old and new Hackett tunes, Genesis classical and songs King Crimson songs such as: `In the Court of the Crimson King. A video was shot and released. Though the concert is wonderful the import DVD's quality borders on amateurish. The NTSC  domestic version  is  MUCH better with bonus  rehersal footage.

    The following year, Steve joined with his brother to record interpretations of Erik Satie's work, rightfully named `Sketches of Satie.' The album is simply flute and guitar and is a beautiful addition to the Hackett discography. He then composed the soundtrack to the Showtime film- `Outwitting Hitler.'
          Whether working with Brian May, Steve Howe, Gandolf or doing things on his own, Steve has never been idle. Creating Camino Records, he now has a stable platform to rele
ase work and even sell Genesis and fellow musicians' albums especially throughout Europe, Japan  and South America. After the release of `Darktown, and `Sketches of Satie,' Hackett toured South American tour, even dealing with having his equipment confiscated by a Brazilan police-scam.

  In November, 2001,   Steve  released a 4-disc boxed set of live material.  Discs one and two  come from a  June 30, 1979 performance  at the Hammersmith Odeon.  Performances are very high in quality. The third CD is from a  September 13, 1981 show  in Rome, Italy.  The last CD conatins more  recent material and is from London's Grand Theatre (June, 8, 1993), and has the best sound quality of all the shows.

   The highlight of 2002 for Americans was Steve's mini-tour of the east coast, climaxing at Trenton's  Nearfest 2002. Steve played a brilliant set of old and new tunes.  Steve  also showcased his arranging talents  and  willingness to  invent new and creative medleys. See  the review of the show in the review section of this site.

  Steve   has  an  electrical album and  2  DVD concerts  pending- one an electronic gig from Buenos Aires (should be out this fall), and the other an acoustic show with his brother John.

   Following the success of the rock-based `To Watch the Storms'  and the classical `Metamorpheus,'  Steve Hackett has decided to marry these two albums in order create a powerful synthesis.  Wild Orchids is no where near as cohesive and homogeneous as its two successors, but makes up for his over-eclectism,  and diversity.

    After a difficult  personal issue, Steve Hackett has  produced another masterpiece classical  album. `Tribute’ is a continuing expression of Steve’s fascination with the classical guitar and a homage to  Andrés Segovia and other influences.  The album  represents his purest engagement with classical music to date.
In 2008  Steve  has  been  touring Italy  and Europe  with  his  electric  band to rave  reviews.

   2010's   `Out of the  Tunnel's  Mouth' was released  to  critical  reviews.  Some  called  it Steve's  best  since his classic  70's albums.   The  release was delayed,  due  to  Steve's  ex-wife's  lawsuit (in  which  he  won).  The album's highlight track- Fire on the Moon,  is an  instrumental  masterpiece.  Steve  went  on  an  extensive  tour of Europe  and  America,  supported  by  guitarist  singer-  Amanda Lehmann, and bassist  Nick  Beggs, and even  a small  contribution  to  ex-Genesis  guitaritst- Anthony  Phillips.

Steve married author Jo Lehmann on June 4, 2011

Ever  the workaholic,  released   his  follow-up  to `Out  of  the  Tunnel's  Mouth,'  entitled `Beyond the Shrouded  Horizon,'  which received excellent  reviews  and  was in  the  diverse  style  to  it's  predecessor. Wife Jo  helped Steve  with  the  writing.

Squackett  was  released  with  Chris Squire in  2012.   The  album,  though  not  true  prog,  is  a collection  of  melodic  shorter  songs  with  a songwriters  sensibility.

2013 & 2014  has  been busy  times  for  the  always  working  Hackett.  With  a huge  amount  of rock  musicians, including  Ray  Wilson, Neal  Morse, John  Wetton, Simon  Collins,  and  others,  he  released  an  ambitious,     Genesis Revisited II  which  included  the Genesis  classic  Supper's  Ready.  The  album  topped   to  #24 in  the  UK,   and  #32 in Germany  and  did  well  worldwide.  Live  shows  have  been critically acclaimed.  Steve  brought  in  Nad  Sylvan, Roger King,  Lee Pomeroy, Gary  O'Toole, and Rob Townsend  to  tour  his  first  year, until  Nick  Beggs  came  in  to  replace Pomeroy  on  bass.

Hackett  toured  his  Genesis revisited  works extensively in2013,  filming  two  shows  at  the Hammersmith  Odeon, and Royal  Albert  Hall, in which  two  live  albums  and  DVDs  were produced.   In  his  free  time,  Steve  has  giests  on  many  albums,  including  ex- classic Hackett  band mate Nick  Magnus'  latest  solo  album-  N'Monix.  Steve  continues  to  tour in  the  fall  of  the  2014,  while  finishing  up  a  solo  album. 

In March 2015 Hackett released Wolflight (no. 31 in the UK album chart), his first album in four years with newly-written solo material. In September 2015 the independent music company Wienerworld released the Hackett documentary The Man, The Music. The film hit no. 5 on the UK DVD chart, and in October Universal/Virgin released Premonitions: The Charisma Years 1975–1983, an 14 disc boxed set including his first six solo albums, extra material, plus live recordings as well as new remixes by Steven Wilson.

Hackett's solo album The Night Siren (no. 28 UK album chart) was released in March 2017 and entered top 40 in six international album charts. The album continues the exploration of world music/progressive rock, and also contains influences from the Beatles' psychedelia period and classic science fiction, although to me it seems a bit over-procuced, and similar to Wolflight.

Armed with a  variety of classic Genesis  material, Hackett  has toured  extensively through into  2017, including his first tour in Australia. .

Discography:   Albums  and  Singles:


   Voyage of the Acolyte (1975)
   Please Don't Touch (1978)
   Spectral Mornings (1979)
   Defector (1980)
   Cured (1981)
   Highly Strung (1983)
   Bay of Kings (1983)
   Till We Have Faces (1984)
   Momentum (1988)
   Guitar Noir (1993)
   Blues with a Feeling (1994)
   Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited (1996)
   A Midsummer Night's Dream (1997)
   Darktown (1999)
   Feedback 86 (2000)
   To Watch the Storms (2003)
   Metamorpheus (2005)
   Wild Orchids (2006)
   Tribute (2008)
   Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (2009)
   Beyond the Shrouded Horizon (2011)
   Genesis Revisited II (2012)[30]
   Genesis Revisited II: Selection (2013)
   Wolflight (March 2015)
   Night Siren (March 2016)

Live albums

   Time Lapse (1991)
   There Are Many Sides to the Night (1995)
   The Tokyo Tapes (1998)
   Live Archive 70, 80, 90's (2001)
   Live Archive 70s Newcastle (2001)
   Somewhere in South America... (2002, #17 Swedish DVD chart)
   Hungarian Horizons (2002)
   Live Archive NEARfest (2003)
   Live Archive 03 (2004)
   Live Archive 04 (2004)
   Live Archive 05 (2005)
   Live Archive 83 (2006)
   Live Rails (2010)
   Fire & Ice (2011)
   Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith (2013, #58 UK, #17 Ger, #53 Ned, #78 Bel, #97 Ch, US Billboard Heatseeker Album Chart #22).
   Genesis Revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2014, #80 UK, #23 Ger, #109 Bel, #157 Fra, US Billboard Heatseeker Album Chart #20).


Quiet World

   1969: The Road (Steve Hackett and his brother John recorded an album with this band Quiet World in 1969. The bass player Dick Driver would rejoin Steve during his solo career)


   1971: Nursery Cryme
   1972: Foxtrot
   1973: Genesis Live
   1973: Selling England by the Pound
   1974: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
   1976: A Trick of the Tail
   1976: Wind & Wuthering
   1977: Seconds Out (Live 2LP)
   1977: Spot the Pigeon (EP)
   1982: Three Sides Live
   1998: Genesis Archive 1967–75 (4CD Box Set)
   2000: Genesis Archive 2: 1976–1992 (3CD Box Set)


   1986: GTR (with Steve Howe)
   1997: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents GTR (with Steve Howe)

Max Bacon

   1995: The Higher You Climb (with Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Matt Clifford, Nigel Glockner, Scott Gorham, Jonathan Mover & Phil Spalding)

John & Steve Hackett

   2000: Sketches of Satie (with John Hackett)


   2012: A Life Within a Day (with Chris Squire)


   2013: The Theory of Everything (with Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, John Wetton, Jordan Rudess, etc.)