Ayreon albums are usually large-scale concept epics and sometimes rock operas and on the later albums, used different vocalists for each character in the story.
Drummer Gerard Haitsma of the band- Bodine, called Arjen Lucassen and after an audition as a singer, convinced the band to use him as a second guitarist in addition to Rheno Xeros. Bodine moved into a heavy metal  and in 1984 after a numer of albums, Bodine split up.
In the 1990's,  after a solo career and a stint with Vengeance,  Dutch multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Arjen Anthony Lucassen,  formed Ayreon in 1994 and released its first album, `The Final Experiment,' then followed up with  `Actual Fantasy,'  Both were European hits.
In 1996. Ayreon not only became more  elaborate, Lucassen involved a huge cast of collaborators and guest musicians that change from project to project.
`Into the Electric Castle,' released in 1998, is an upbeat two-disc epic sci-fi concept work spanning and featuring guests like ex-Marillion singer Fish, Damian Wilson (Landmarq), and  Clive Nolan. Lucassen  explained about the mega-produced epic CD: "The characters are blown out of proportions quite a bit. To inspire myself I rented a few B-movies to check out how Romans, Barbarians and Egyptians were stereotyped in those years. I like this tongue in cheek-thing, although I take the music itself very seriously." Lucassen used a  lot of analog instruments on the album, giving the songs a warm, instantly recognizable non-digital sound.
The year 2000 produced `Universal Migrator,'  another double-disc set issued separately under the subtitles `Part I: The Dream Sequencer' and `Part II: Flight of the Migrator,'  featured  guest performers such as:  Tiamat's Johan Edlund and Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, Rocket Scientist's Erik Norlander and ex-Gorefest drummer Ed Warby.
In the beginning of 2001 Arjen Lucassen created an ambient album, based on Ayreon songs, with a stunning vocalist, 14 year young Astrid van der Veen.
Ayreon proves to be extremely successful in  Japan and Europe. The profit from the first Ayreon album enabled Lucassen  to build a complete studio.

Ayreon Discography

The Final Experiment  1995
Actual Fantasy  1996
Into The Electric Castle   1998
The Dream Sequencer   2000
Flight Of The Migrator   2000
Ayreonauts Only   2001

The Ayreon singles

Sail Away To Avalon  1995
The Stranger From Within 1996
Temple Of The Cat  2000
Ambeon - Cold Metal   2001